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Sample SQL 2000 XML Query Courtesy of AE

Posted by bsstahl on 2006-05-25 and Filed Under: development 

DECLARE @sxml varchar(8000)
SET @sxml = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Change xmlns:xsi="" Version="1.0">
<ChangeItem><OriginalData>ABC Fund</OriginalData><NewData>123 Fund</NewData>
<ChangeItem><OriginalData>Type A</OriginalData><NewData>Type B</NewData>

DECLARE @ixml int

EXEC dbo.sp_xml_preparedocument @ixml OUTPUT, @sxml

FROM OPENXML( @ixml, '/Change', 1)
WITH ( SourceApplication varchar(64) 'SourceApplication/Name',
DestinationApplication varchar(64) 'DestinationApplication/Name',
UserName varchar(64) 'UserName',
IPAddress varchar(23) 'IPAddress',
BusinessEntity varchar(64) 'BusinessEntity/Name',
ChangeDate varchar(16) 'ChangeDate',
CommandText varchar(128) 'CommandText' ) x

FROM OPENXML( @ixml, '/Change/ChangeItems/ChangeItem', 1)
WITH ( OriginalData varchar(2000) 'OriginalData',
NewData varchar(2000) 'NewData',
DataID varchar(32) 'DataID',
Field sysname 'Field/Name' ) x

EXEC dbo.sp_xml_removedocument @ixml

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