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I often describe myself as the kind of person who has a list of his favorite physicists and a list of his favorite mathematicians. The thought behind this description is that just knowing I have these types of lists tells you everything you really need to know about me. I try to keep these lists up-to-date based on my current feelings. Please remember that these are my personal favorites, not those whom I think are the "best", whatever that means, or even most influential. Please feel free to comment on this list using the Fediverse

Favorite Physicists

  1. Harold "Hal" Stahl
  2. Carl Sagan
  3. Richard Feynman
  4. Marie Curie
  5. Nikola Tesla
  6. Albert Einstein
  7. Neil Degrasse Tyson
  8. Niels Bohr
  9. Galileo Galilei
  10. Michael Faraday
  • Other notables: Stephen Hawking, Edwin Hubble

Favorite Mathematicians

  1. Ada Lovelace
  2. Alan Turing
  3. Johannes Kepler
  4. Rene Descartes
  5. Isaac Newton
  6. Leonardo Fibonacci
  7. George Boole
  8. Blaise Pascal
  9. Johann Gauss
  10. Grace Hopper
  • Other notables: Daphne Koller, Grady Booch, Benoit Mandelbrot

About the Author

Barry S. Stahl Barry S. Stahl (he/him/his) - Barry is a .NET Software Engineer who has been creating business solutions for enterprise customers for more than 35 years. Barry is also an Election Integrity Activist, baseball and hockey fan, husband of one genius and father of another, and a 40 year resident of Phoenix Arizona USA. When Barry is not traveling around the world to speak at Conferences, Code Camps and User Groups or to participate in GiveCamp events, he spends his days as a Solution Architect for Carvana in Tempe AZ and his nights thinking about the next AZGiveCamp event where software creators come together to build websites and apps for some great non-profit organizations.

Barry has started delivering in-person talks again now that numerous mechanisms for protecting our communities from Covid-19 are available. He will, of course, still entertain opportunities to speak online. Please contact him if you would like him to deliver one of his talks at your event, either online or in-person. Refer to his Community Speaker page for available options.

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